What our clients are saying about Control Your Life

Felix de la Iglesia, Key Biscayne, FL, ,

At last there is order in the electronics in the house. Just saying that we were satisfied with the work is not enough. Your colleagues are very professional and knowledgeable. The end product was beyond our expectations, particularly after all the headaches we had with our cable company. The whole wi-fi network is a very efficient and fast system and I promise I will keep it up to date since the hardware now is changing faster than what we can tell. It is difficult to find the more good words about our satisfaction, and we know we are dealing with the titans of innovation and device strategy. It may look simple to you, but we were agonizing with the problems in the wiring and devastation of what the seller of the house did.

You have now two more dedicated fans and we hope we can count on your expert assistance in the future. Thanks for the tremendous support,

David Greenberg, Boca Raton, FL

The Team at Control Your Life was outstanding , I said Team simply because of how they all worked together from the first phone call to the last wire making sure everything was working and in its place.

The crew they sent to my house was respectful and fun ,,, yes for the first time it was easy to pay with a smile knowing the job was done perfect and any and all questions I had were taken care of , there was no ” I will get back to you or ” No, Sorry we do not cover that “, and no, ” We cant do that ”

An A++ Team and I will work with them again as I expand my system.

Felix de la Iglesia, Key Biscayne, FL

Control Your Life is characterized in our interactions as not only very respectful but very professional and knowledgeable on what they do and provide to the clients. They are very disciplined in that they approach the projects with excellent and detailed proposals and nothing is left unexplained. Their costing is always on the side of the client and no sudden turns are taken. This company has been doing business with us since we bought the house. They evaluated the system we had, resolved some technical problems left from the previous owner and showed us what type of upgrades were available since the system was out of date in certain components. Our house management system is a Control 4 with quite a number of components. Over the past 2 years we upgraded the “brain”, upgraded the camera monitoring system and other details. The cost was very acceptable and they have always responded to our questions on a timely base. We are impressed by their in depth knowledge of electronics. We recommended them to many of our friends and we have many neighbors using their services also. We will not hesitate in calling them for additional work.

Robert Shinbrot, Delray Beach, FL

Control Your life designed and installed a complete sound system for my home including all stereo, amplification and speakers inside and out. They also setup and installed my high end television with surround sound.

They were extremely professional, neat and courteous during the entire experience. They did an excellent job installing and configuring the equipment. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job they did and more importantly the sounds and video quality.

I strongly recommend them to design and install your home entertainment system if you want great quality and an overall excellent experience.

Colin & Stephanie Gottlieb, Miami, FL

We live in the UK but have a home in Miami. Finding someone who could plan, source and install the entertainment system for our Florida home was made more difficult because we had to be able to trust them to enter our home while we were literally thousands of miles away. Daryl and his team ticked every box, and more. An outstanding service from people who are extremely knowledgeable, extremely easy to deal with and 100% trustworthy. We can’t recommend them enough (and we love our new system too!)

Renee Carrano, Boca Raton, FL

I cannot say enough good things about this company. The service starting from the quote, to the install, to the final product was superb! The technicians were extremely knowledgable about the products we purchased and very patient with us as we are technologically “challenged”! At the end of the install, I was extremely pleased with the final result.. My home was left neat and clean as if they were not even there. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to enhance their home.

Mike Gitelman, Wellington, FL

Control Your Life, was recommended by my Contractor and I am very glad that I was introduced this professional company. Control Your Life was able to provide recommendations for the different types of Sound Systems and Equipment Configurations for my new home. Their Installers were very professional, detailed and neat workers, I would suggest that you use this company if you are thinking about either adding or changing your Sound System in your Home.

Coble Builders, Miami, FL

Control Your Life recently completed an amazing Home Automation system for our team in a unit at the St. Regis and in addition to being timely with their installation, their work was neat and their team provided excellent customer service throughout the project. We look forward to working with Daryl, Frankie, Khoi, Jason and Control Your Life again in the future!

Larry Silvi, , New Jersey

I hired Control Your Life for all of my AV work in my new condo in Bal Harbor. They were very professional , below budget and on time. The equipment recommendations equipment for our unit were perfect and very easy to use.
We live about 1500 miles away from the job.It was completed beyond our expectations.

Michael Mendelsohn, Boca Raton, FL

I am so highly recommending Control Your Life. I had the unfortunate experience of going to another firm to install a TV and music system throughout my home – nothing worked properly and I paid over the market prices.

To the rescue Daryl ,Khoi  and the staff members of Control Your Life!!!! I love my updated system, everything is working well and I am enjoying music etc all throughout my house and poolside. I even had them prepare components for me to bring North for my summer home which works great.

Really good people – you will be so pleased you called them.

Michael Rainisch, M.D., Parkland, FL

I first came across Control Your Life approximately 8 years ago when I was having trouble with a whole house audio system that someone else had installed. My wife and I were driving on the Interstate and saw the van pass us by.  I frantically grabbed a pen and had my wife write down the number. The rest is history.

Since then, Daryl, Frankie, Jason and Khoi have transformed our home and lifestyle with a Control4 home automation system. As Control Your Life has grown so has our C4 system and our great satisfaction with Daryl and his company.

Daryl is incredibly easy to work with and is extremely responsive and knowledgeable when called upon. Jason and Khoi’s meticulous installation skills and stellar programming skills are second to none. In fact we are building a new house which is a very stressful event. We knew that Control4 would be an integral part and knew that Control Your Life would be the only integrator’s to handle our job. From day one, they have been intimately involved with all aspects of the project and in fact it is the only part of building process that we have no worries about.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, I recommend Control Your Life without reservation and congratulate you on a great find that will last for years to come.

George Knapp, Plantation, FL

As an unremitting tinkerer, I tried several options for home control systems.  First was X10 and then Insteon.  Signal reliability was always a problem as a result of interference from other devices – you were never sure a light or appliance would go on or off as programmed.  Then there was the intermittent failure of the switches or other units requiring their replacement.
The ZigBee based devices provided by Control Your Life were the answer.  They have been 100% reliable and there have been no malfunctions.  Most programming can be done by the home owner, if desired, through a powerful interface.  Remote control from outside the home can easily be done via iPads or iPhones.

Because of the previous problems, our installation started small.  Once convinced we had made the right choice, the system was expanded and now consists of four audio/visual zones, control of lights and thermostats. As is the case with all electronics, you get what you pay for.  The surprise was the quality of the installation by the Control Your Life technicians.

These guys know their stuff and attention is paid to detail – no loose wires or awkwardly placed equipment.  Finally, if you have a question or ever think you have a problem, the response is quick and friendly.

Nicki and Mark Anders, Weston, FL

The Control Your Life team has been fantastic to work with.  The system is easy to use and the staff always takes the time to answer the questions we ask – via the phone or email which helps with our busy schedules.  The prices are great too, and a time saver since Control Your Life narrows and guides our choices in the quality equipment they provide.

Thanks for simplifying our home media solution!

Jean Claude & Maria Penauille, St. Regis Residences, Bal Harbour, FL

When we bought our apartment in Bal Harbour we were introduced to Control Your Life and we explained our expectations of  a well performing  electronic/audio-video system that would be of excellent quality, easy to operate and that would allow us to enjoy our French music, movies and television. Daryl and Jason listened patiently to our wishes  and prepared a design that addressed all our expectations. It involved extensive cabling and installation but the outcome was fully satisfactory.

Whether at home in Bal Harbour throughout the apartment, or anywhere in the world (with our Ipad), we can control the lights, the air-conditioning, the sheers and the curtains. With several discretely placed  cameras we can also  see the inside of our home and on more than occasion, while in a cold and cloudy Europe, we remotely opened the curtains in Bal Harbour and warmed our spirits seeing the Florida sun on our Ipad.

With multi-system DVD players, Itunes and Slingbox connections, anywhere in the Bal Harbor apartment we can watch French television and  movies, or listen to our favorite French music.

Not only are we happy with the equipment and installation but, also very important, whenever we want to change or check something, Daryl and Jason are on top of things and make sure that everything works to our satisfaction.

Gary S. Phillips, Plantation, FL

I have used several audio/visual companies from the development of an integrated smart home system to the building of a home theater and Darryl and his team demonstrated the most knowledge and professionalism I have seen in the industry. The home theater he built and integrated into my house came in on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Control Your Life Inc.

Ross Greenberg, Weston, FL

Control Your Life has the most knowledgeable and professional people in the industry. They found the most economically and sensible solution to my home theater installation. I have and would recommend them unequivocally.

Peter Katz, Weston, FL

Control Your Life is hands down the best company in South Florida for all of your audio and video needs. They really listen to what you want come up with a great plan and execute it 100% perfectly every time. I could not ask for anything better and would use them time and time again. Thanks guys!!!

Thomas Breur, Lighthouse Point, FL

Excellent service. Very professional, courteous and thorough. Follow up was exceptional, and they are available literally on call for urgent questions or problems. Completely satisfied and would recommend them to friends and relatives.

Scott Zakheim, Davie, FL

My experience with Control Your Life has been nothing but pleasurable. Their entire staff has been extremely professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. All of our concerns have been immediately addressed and attended to and any follow up matters have been quickly resolved.

Art Rosen, Miami Beach, FL

What I found most satisfying was the attitude and customer-service orientation of Control Your Life’s staff. Rather than trying to cut corners, or spend as little time on a job as possible, the staff seemed to truly want the customer to be satisfied and so was willing to spend as much time as was required to make sure that everything was “just right.”

Jim Tokryman, Wellington, FL

We have been using Control Your Life for 4 years now. They installed all of our surround sound in our old home and then the company helped us move all of our equipment into our new home. In our new home Custom Home installed our older equipment from our old house and then installed new surround sound equipment and they also installed theater chairs and all projection equipment on our new media room. Needless to say there was a great deal of work that we had done in both of our homes. The staff of Control Your Life was very very professional. At times we did not even know they were in our house. They were extremely respectful of our home. Not only were we happy with the price of all the work we had done but the quality of the installation was magnificent. They also installed all of our direct TV equipment and supervised direct TV directly when they were at our house. What a pain relief this was.

After everything was installed if there was any fine tuning that needed to be done Control Your Life was at our house timely and corrected the issues fast. I would highly recommend this company anytime to anyone. They are the best company in this field that I have ever dealt with.

Isaac Velazquez, Miramar, FL

I cannot say enough about the level of service I received from Control Your Life. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in recommending the right components for my project. The job was done right the first and in a timely manner. I also like the fact that the company is quickly available should I encounter any problems. I highly recommend Control Your Life to anyone who is looking for a truly professional organization.

Tom & Tammy Kleinman, SW Ranches, FL

Thank you so very much for the wonderful and professional job you did on our home theater system. Your price was great, your staff very courteous and the job completed as planned. Our whole house now resounds with beautiful music. We are all constantly singing and dancing to the music throughout our home! The installation in our master bedroom was especially nice. The in ceiling speakers & the stereo/video system in our closet work perfectly. Unfortunately, we can not keep our children out of the room. They are always watching movies and videos in there because the sound and picture is awesome! We have already recommended a friend or two to you, and we are always telling guests about your services. Please keep in mind that when we do our home addition and create our “media room”, we will need your services again.

Tony and Carol Requejo, Pembroke Pines, FL

Being in the construction and service industry myself I really appreciate and can identify professionalism and expert workmanship , coupled with the up to date knowledge of such a complex industry (hi-fi audio and video equipment), Control Your Life does it right. Starting with the ability to make a perfect fit in choosing the right equipment to meet our needs, to showing up when promised, on time, and prepared to get the job done the first time. Followed up with proper instructions and the staffs availability to answer questions and give information on the use of our new equipment, are the reasons why we keep using and recommending Control Your Life.

Dr. Steven Rifkin,Smile Design Associates, North Miami Beach, FL

It is extremely nice, and, unfortunately, often rare in the world today, to actually deal with people that can provide good service and do what they say they will do. That would describe the experience that I had with Control Your Life, its principals, and their team members. I would without hesitation utilize their services again in the future and recommend them to friends. Our system seems to be working great!!!!!!!!