Lighting Automation in Fort Lauderdale

home automationDress up your home today using the upscale lighting automation Fort Lauderdale residents are talking about. Innovative technology delivers features like security and safety at an affordable price. Designing a smart home is a smart idea. Automate the entire house at once or begin with one room if you wish. More than 8,000 lighting, locks, and other technical products from hundreds of trusted manufacturers are available. It’s fun to see the multitude of ways to make your house smart.

How does a homeowner go about analyzing what systems within the home are ready to program? The experts at Control Your Life, Inc. suggest listing things that are:

  • Monitored
  • Controlled
  • Listened to
  • Watched

The team reviews your list and other details found during an in-home evaluation. We’ll go over what you need and draw up an agreement for the home upgrade. There’s no need for you to spend hours pricing new lighting systems. We’ll contact our manufacturers and vendors for the best prices on what’s required. Everything is shipped to our office so you’re not receiving things one by one. Installation starts once the products are delivered.

Security and Safety

Two of the most important words when thinking about an ideal home are security and safety. A system that controls lighting suggests that someone is home. One push of a button opens and closes shutters, shades and blinds. The button also adjusts the thermostat, turns on the sound system, and starts the coffee. If you work the night shift, you’ll appreciate the convenience of sending the command from a remote location.

Save precious minutes when leaving home. A smart system automatically:

  • Locks doors.
  • Arms security system.
  • Turns out the lights.

Just press the “Away’ button to coordinate the action. Return home and press another button along the way to turn on the kitchen lights for a lit pathway into your home. The garage door opens when you arrive and triggers the disarm alert on the alarm system.

Relax and enjoy a video game, favorite TV show, or start dinner. Outside lights automatically turn on at sunset. The shades close and doors lock automatically without your assistance.

The convenience continues when everyone retires for the night. A quick click of the ‘Goodnight’ button turns off interior lights and resets the thermostat. The alarm automatically rearms.

The quest for security is as old as life itself. Control Your Life expert technicians design and install personalized security systems based on customer choices. Discourage unwelcome visitors with well-placed security cameras that cover areas where trouble may be lurking. Night vision cameras provide extra coverage. The screens of your iPhone, iPad, television, and computer let you keep tabs with real-time footage.


Why spend hours searching through reviews and brick-and-mortar sites to find the products you want for a home theater system? Go to the experts for pricing on 3D, plasma, LED or other TVs. An individualized system is built to your specifications. Speaker installation is one of our specialties! Choose the sizes and styles for each room to enhance the sound. Outdoor speakers blend with décor while delivering the sound you want when you want it.

Enjoy family night with the convenience once seen only in futuristic movies. Press one button to start the TV and movie of your choice. Lights automatically dim to a comfortable level. We’ll turn the extra room into a home theater getaway. Control Your Life draws up plans to fit your budget. It’s exciting to experience the convenience of wireless home networking including DVR recordings and DirecTV® receivers. The same thrill is available when networking other systems like Netflix® and Pandora®.


Businesses benefit from smart capabilities and energy saving features, too. Gone are the days of having employees stand by to adjust lights and drapes during audiovisual productions. One-touch control presentation systems are available for offices, training centers, and boardrooms. Schedule an appointment to find out how affordable it is to experience today’s modern technology. Security cameras, wireless networks, and motion sensors to control lighting are just part of the convenience of working smarter.

Home automation is a time saver. It ends the constant need to peruse the home’s exterior and interior for any last minute lockups and shutdowns. Bring the eco-friendly smart lighting automation Fort Lauderdale homeowners trust into your home. Custom ambient lighting reduces the use of electricity! Our company has provided service to Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties for over 20 years. Your home or business is ready to get smart. Call Control Your Life for an appointment today at 800.810.8504.