High Tech Homes and Apartments

high tech homes

More Automated and More Unique than Ever Before.

Imagine pulling in to your driveway and from outside the house you scan the perimeter, assuring that all is safe and secure before you pull into the garage. You are able to review the exterior of the house as you pull in from a small panel in your car. You automatically reach for a control on the visor of your car and from there, you turn on the lights in the garage. In addition, you adjust the lighting in the living room and you raise your home temperature so that the house is well-lit and the heat is adjusted perfectly before you step inside.

In the car is your best friend who loves classical music. Before you exit the car you turn on a little Chaikovsky to welcome her to your home. It all sounds like a fairly futuristic concept,–except that it isn’t. For many people, this home is a reality. For smart homes, the future is now.

Today, when it comes to living the rich life, you’ve got options that even ten years ago were simply unheard of. A great many amenities can be controlled from your car or your smart phone, but once you step inside the house with your tablet or your smart phone, that’s when the party really starts.

Your shower can auto start at the perfect temperature, ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’re not someone who likes to run to the kitchen for the first cup of coffee of the day, a coffee maker can rise up from the counter in the master bedroom to serve you a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and then sink below the counter again, out of sight until you need it again.

The entire system is controlled by and links to a main computer. Yours might be housed in a doorway, in a closet near the door or in the bottom of a recliner, depending on what you’d like to see happen in your home. That computer controls televisions, radios, surround sound systems, security systems, a DVD player and anything else that you’d like to have inside your home. You can control it all with apps that you have on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

If it sounds like something out of the next century, you haven’t heard anything yet. Raise and lower the blinds, start a roast before you get home or even flick a switch and take the heat away from your television to protect the system. What’s even better, whether you’ve been a techie your entire life or you’re leaving great grandmother in charge of the house while you’re on vacation, all that’s necessary is to flick a few switches and the home just works. Once you’ve been walked through it, it’s simple, its easy and it’s a low learning curve.

Things like this are usually easier if they’ve been built into the home but they can be and many times are retrofited into older homes.Ready to enhance your living space?¬†High tech homes¬†are the wave of the future–and they are the here and now. Get automated. Homes of tomorrow, available today with Control Your Life.